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Benjamin June Ceramics

Modern handmade pottery inspired by the American West.

GOLD Flasks


Handmade Ceramic Flasks
*REAL 22 Karat Gold Designs on Satin Black Glaze

Reflection, Cactus or Agave designs.
*Moon & Stars on the back of all flasks.*

Small Flask
4.75" tall x 3.25" wide x 1.5" deep
Holds 6 ounces.  

Medium Flask
5.25" tall x 3.5" wide x 1.5" deep
Holds 8 ounces.  

2 Cup Drinking Set
One large 10oz. flask (5.75" tall x 4" wide x 1.5" deep).
Two cups (2.5" tall x 2" wide, holds 3 ounces).  
One tray (5.5" wide x 0.75" tall).

Wood topped cork included.
Food safe.